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These sales abstracts recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in October 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For advice about added residential absolute acreage transactions, appointment Media ACCOKEEK AREA

M L Home Remodeling Inc. Remodeling Contractor - Palatine ... - m l home remodeling inc

M L Home Remodeling Inc. Remodeling Contractor – Palatine … – m l home remodeling inc | m l home remodeling inc

ML Home Remodeling Inc. - 5 Reviews - 5 E Dundee Rd Ste ... - m l home remodeling inc

ML Home Remodeling Inc. – 5 Reviews – 5 E Dundee Rd Ste … – m l home remodeling inc | m l home remodeling inc

ML Home Remodeling - Contractors - 5 E Dundee Rd, Palatine ... - m l home remodeling inc

ML Home Remodeling – Contractors – 5 E Dundee Rd, Palatine … – m l home remodeling inc | m l home remodeling inc

ML Home Remodeling Inc. - Palatine, IL - Alignable - m l home remodeling inc

ML Home Remodeling Inc. – Palatine, IL – Alignable – m l home remodeling inc | m l home remodeling inc

Catherine Fran Dr., 2112-Innovation Homes Corp. to Wayne E. and Garlinda Bryant Rollins, $410,000.

Green Ginger Cir., 2409-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Patricia and Marcus Porter, $364,900.

Maple Dr., 15414-Lisa M. and Roger L. Bazzarre to Sean P. and Shannon E. Bell, $275,000.

Beechwood Rd., 2007-Cuong T. Hoang and Phuoc N. Nguyen to Xiu Mei Zhang and Xian Keng Wong, $368,000.

Chickadee Lane, 10113-Maedin Kehede to Paulette D. and Sylvester Edwards, $410,000.

Elson St., 1611-Ryan and Isabella Lahuti to Kamta A. Moffo, $389,000.

Lewisdale Dr., 2110-Maria E. Fuentes to Benjamin Boateng and Martha Brenya, $340,500.

Metzerott Rd., 1828, No. 505-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Santos Jose Perez Fuentes, $71,925.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 1420-Nora Martinez to Clara N. Fongyen, $98,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. T23-Frances and Mary Ann Louis to Martha S. Mamo, $105,000.

Pennsylvania St., 3409-Babak Salimi to Michael G. and Laura C. Fischer, $410,000.

Rolander St., 2105-Cesar A. Jovel to Rogen Joseph and Dinesh P. Rego, $355,000.

23rd Pl., 6905-Victor and Jessica C. Rosales to Ulises Alberto Umanzor, $340,000.

Ash Rd., 11603-Santiago Gaston Gentini Pacheco to Jorge, Marilyn and Nancy Mejia, $339,900.

Beltsville Rd., 4022-Danita L. Bailey to Jhonny Cerrato and Elsa J. Marquez, $249,900.

Calico Rock Lndg Rd., 7304-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Melaine and Anelia Bertrand, $336,644.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11218, No. 234-Marion L. Hartlein to Charles Robert Lynham, $115,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11342, No. 2E-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Janeth Patricia Orellana, $116,025.

Clearbrooke Ct., 11304-Thuthao Thi Nguyen to Sabit Shahi and Delaxmi Khadgi, $260,000.

Franklin St., 11902-Linda Tomlins Turpin and Jack Edward Tomlins to Milagro D. Flores, Jose Luis Sorto and Feliciano Flores Coreas, $292,000.

Greenmount Ave., 13216-Josephine A. Heger to Katherine R. Vergara and Teofila I. Torres, $380,000.

Lincoln Ave., 4803-Roger M. Escalanute to Gloria C. Artiga and Mildred L. Monney Artiga, $330,000.

Odell Rd., 4801-Jimmy and Alba Vizcarra to Donnequa Grantham, $320,000.

Oriole Dr., 13110-U.S. Bank to Heber G. Chevez, $297,000.

Powder Mill Rd., 4243-Pranee Kensler to Darlin S. Mendez Cruz and Juana L. Quintana Cabrera, $335,000.

Running Bear Ct., 11426-Walter L. and Mable S. Meares to Mauro Francis Cervantes Ugalde and Maria J. Cervantes, $283,000.

Ulster Rd., 4109-Daniel F. and Audrey A. Duncan to Emilienne Tcheulahie and Strobelle Elauviane Deutou, $450,000.

35th Ave., 11602-Mark L. Di Pinto and Ekaterina Y. Tomenko to Santa I. Tejada and Jose Martin Preza Escobar, $335,000.

Red Hawk Terr., 4675-U.S. Bank to Freddy Arispe Ortega, $135,000.

Banbury Lane, 16306-Brandon A. and Rebecca S. James to Erica Roberts, $480,000.

Bates Dr., 8417-E. Trade Bank to Samuel and Hiwot Balcha, $437,000.

Crosswick Turn, 4107-Jeffrey Myers and Julie Elizabeth Gray to Errol Centeno and Nezelove Agngarayngay Mcaranas, $303,000.

Fair Lane, 2607-Mariusz Richter to Noel P. Alvarado Gomez and Melissa S. and Carlos Alvarado Canales, $365,000.

Fleming Lane, 12213-Michael J. and Ashley G. Ciaglo to Brian M. Rossi and Michelle L. Trachy, $361,000.

Heatherstone Dr., 13814-Laura J. Milan and Michael Hannin Jr. to William and Diane Davis, $515,000.

Ivy Hill Lane, 3702-David W. and Tracy L. Rocca Weikart to Betty Fortune, $340,000.

Kennison Lane, 2620-Bruce Winchester to Tiffany N. Sims and Yassim Thomas, $337,000.

Kimberwick Dr., 14820-Stephen D. Layne to Darren Terell Jackson and Marcella Renee Black, $475,000.

Knowledge Lane, 12504-Glenn Polser and acreage of Dorothy L. Polser to Lawrence V. and Audrey J. Jones, $310,000.

London Lane, 14551-Gerald Sohan to Matthew L. Bryant and Jenelle D. Diljohn, $269,000.

Madeley Lane, 12208-Bryce E. and Channelle A. Peterson to Erin Harter, $319,900.

Malta Lane, 12209-Rosaria and Frederick A. Najmy to Joshua Paul and Talita Koschelny Dreis, $265,000.

Maureen Lane, 3510-Denna Thoren and Heather Podosek to Mark N. and Wendy R. Harris, $360,000.

Midnights Delight Dr., 12819, No. 112B-Christopher D. Doub and Lauren N. Brown to Amenze and Ehiorose Airhiavbere, $290,000.

Millstream Dr., 12728-Christopher M. Butler to Chrisonne Hollis and Christopher Z. Henderson, $229,000.

Pleasant View Dr., 14206-John Wesley and Rosemary Allender to Arnett C. Hailes II and Khristine Heflin, $462,000.

Quill Point Dr., 8220-Gregory and Jabbar Ford to Yolonda S. Cole and Talita A. Brown, $357,000.

Rambling Lane, 12405-Estate of John S. Gessner and Peggie J. Gessner to Sinh Troung Vu, $280,100.

River Valley Way, 4843, No. 33-Joshua Burnett to Ashley Brooks, $260,000.

Saint Thomas Sanctuary Dr., 5207-Shea Denise Jones Johnson to Sandy R. Saint Aubin, $432,000.

Stockbridge Ct., 4424-Tony H. and David H. Qamar to Maureen Crawford, $262,900.

Stretton Lane, 12413-F. X. McCaffrey to Christian James and Jessica Lynn Gagnon, $345,000.

Traymore Lane, 3022-Kevin D. and Leslie M. Hodges to Ernest Woodman and Goodman Lowery II, $323,000.

Triple Crown Rd., 8503-Charles and Melanie Gilbert to Jennifer and Jhobert Nassr, $359,900.

Welling Lane, 12300-Kevin and Brian Bryne to Marlon Woollery, $325,000.

William Lane, 4013-James F. and Patricia D. Maloney to Gregory J. Cline, $339,900.

Wipkey Ct., 9001-U.S. Bank and Lehman XS Trust to Sharnita Brockenberry, $396,350.

Yarland Lane, 13321-Matthew B. and Gail R. Jenkins to Mark Craven, $358,750.

11th St., 13122-Martin J. and Susan M. Lilly to Elideth and Mike S. Marin, $256,000.

Arden Forest Lane, 3008-Eric R. and Elizabeth J. Davis to D’Andre Hinton Wilson, $445,000.

Dale Lane N., 3030-Aundre Dudley to Jacqueline S. Ramson, $245,860.

Easthaven Ct., 15774, No. 502-Deborah Burrell to Shannel Rayon Wallace, $143,000.

Eldbridge Terr., 3806-Nex Ventures Realty Inc. to Terenn Terese Stafford, $275,000.

Everglade Lane, 15612, No. 103-Aminatu Thomas to Kyara M. Lombre, $112,000.

Heming Lane, 12629-Carter Rardon to Oluwaseun Feyiselan, $360,000.

Nashua Lane, 14924-Scott T. Clark to Sheila Graham, $233,500.

Neman Ct., 2706-Louise Tyler to Edna M. Tyler, $240,000.

Nomad Ct. E., 2827-Deborah T. Brown Harris to Brandon D. and Rachel D. Sahadeo, $230,000.

Oak Ct. N., 15429-Joseph S. Stokes to Jackie M. Wolf, $237,000.

Parklawn Pl., 16120-Lakisha N. Eason to Marie R. Wilkerson, $299,999.

Peachwood Lane, 1209-Barbara Cheek to Michelle Byrd, $305,000.

Pennsbury Dr., 16020-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Latonia Johnson, $234,900.

Pewter Lane, 16316-Hector Djibaou to Jerrod Hines, $240,000.

Pointer Ridge Dr., 15804-Mark H. and Jennifer Stegmeier to Nicholas and Miranda L. Dawes, $274,900.

Weary Creek Ct., 2613-K&P Holdings Corp. to Ernest T. and Shekila M. Cole, $849,996.

Elkton Terr., 6612-Maleka Tamara Green and Tracey Denese Lawson to Brandon C. and Jennifer L. Fox, $375,000.

Kennett Square Way, 15315-Monique Chantise Beckham to Krytal T. Rutledge, $299,999.

Lonicera Ct., 8609-Gregory D. and Delacey Y. Barber to Tonya Maria Hardin, $350,000.

Nelson Perrie Rd., 15720-Jason T. and Lesley P. Rorick to Denise and Conrad St. Clair, $552,000.

Whistlestop Ct., 14500-Nex Ventures Realty Inc. and Nkolika Aniedobe to Steven L. and Kareema Gazzet Byrd, $369,900.

Monroe St., 4315-Nanci Maribel Caballero Lopez and Ronald Alberto Portillo Perez to Sonia and Diana Vasquez, $255,000.

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Applegarth Pl., 5903-Latoya King to Tabarus Barton, $227,000.

Balsamtree Dr., 915-Edward D. Burge III to Robert D. Brown Jr. and Brandi N. Cypress, $200,000.

Calder Dr., 7440-Milton Burley to Brandon D. Jennings, $249,900.

Bathroom Gallery | Bathroom Remodeling in Corona | Riverside ... - m l home remodeling inc

Bathroom Gallery | Bathroom Remodeling in Corona | Riverside … – m l home remodeling inc | m l home remodeling inc

Daimler Dr., 1, No. 81-Bayview Loan Servicing Corp. to Ramparadath Seenath, $110,000.

Drylog St., 6122-Ronald Guy III to Bryn A. Boteler and Yesenia Munoz Dominguez, $255,000.

Elderberry Pl., 1004-Girado O. and Sherlia A. Smith to Ricardo B. Jones and Patrice M. Chechester, $295,000.

Greig St., 6409-Angelene E. and John C. Bradshaw to Samuel K. Owusu Acheaw, $247,500.

Jade Ct., 6849-Rosa A. Lara and Angela Minaya to Elango Kathirvel and Uma Rajendran, $185,000.

K St., 5513-Stacey D. Williams and Stacey D. Tabron to Maria Silvia Del Cid and Oscar A. Reyes, $204,000.

Nova Ave., 725-ML Home Repair Enteprise Corp. to Ronald M. Puller, $297,000.

Nyanga Ave., 905-Moses Koyi to Manuel Perea Barroso, $200,000.

Ronald Rd., 6511-Department of Veterans Affairs to Angela Melissa Starks, $205,000.

Shady Glen Dr., 400-Blakeney Enterprises Inc. to Elora L. Powell, $251,500.

Walbridge St., 6334-Jeffrey R. and Stephanie D. Day to Bereket Shimeles and Etagegne Yenesew, $342,500.

57th Pl., 817-Rosa Group Corp. to Joseph Candaffio, $260,000.

Blackstone Ave., 10408-Phillip Bishop to Michele Yorkman Ramey, $424,900.

Cedarwood Ct., 1843-Michelle A. Player and Michelle A. Graves to Javai Evans, $215,000.

Crest Ave., 2502-John E. Newman to Carrie A. Lindeman and Drew P. Robarge, $265,000.

Duvall Ridge Rd., 2726-SM Landover Corp. to Tiyasha Hall, $294,385.

Garrett A Morgan Blvd., 554-Tawana Cynthia Hines to Julise Teferra Corrington, $270,000.

Hill Rd., 1108-Rudolph A. and Denise O. Bentick to Yeimis X. Melendez, Alejandro Rios Lopez and Juana Rios, $260,000.

Lake Ave., 2500-Rocco C. Santoro to Scott and Luba Wolfe, $250,000.

Muncy Rd., 7611-Osman H. Mohammed to Erlin Pacheco Ruiz and Karla Pacheco, $204,000.

Oxman Rd., 7712-Jacob Hernandez Ramos to Theresa Rogers, $193,000.

Petunia Ct., 7401-Fuda Group Corp. to Antonio C. Moore, $294,000.

Stoddert Lane, 6911-SM Landover Corp. to Ashley N. Robinson, $289,515.

Stoddert Lane, 6934-SM Landover Corp. to Marquis R. Colquitt, $360,000.

Village Green Dr., 1766-William A. and Minhthu N. Lynagh to Meagan C. Browne, $116,000.

Alan Dr., 5705-C & C Design Remodeling Corp. to Yolanda M. Stewart, $359,800.

Atom Rd., 9603-Natalie A. Willwerth Winters to Felix Enrique and Blanca E. Cortez, $244,000.

Bost Lane, 5900-Built Rite Home Developers Inc. to Rebekah Queen, $367,500.

Castle Rock Dr., 7729-Ying Ming Yeung and Zheng Wang to Lewis C. Joyner Jr. and Maretta L. Perry, $395,000.

Clayton Lane, 8913-JLG Investments Corp. to Erica Johnson, $252,500.

Crafton Lane, 6915-Floyd W. James and Delores Pritchett to Cedric M. Gamble, $270,000.

Hiwassee Dr., 4508-Brady C. Reed and acreage of Priscilla Harvey to Khaleda Saiyed, $341,000.

Megan Dr., 5005-Tevis Lamont and Diana Chambers Grayton to Angelo and Tamara Y. Sowers, $320,000.

Salima St., 4803-Erica L. Johnson to Veronika Pivonkova, $210,000.

Serenade Cir., 7202-TZ 101 Corp. to Ashanti A. Hazell, $299,900.

Stuart Lane, 9201-Tam Properties Corp. to Jesus G. Dominguez Niembro and Diana L. Cacres Chacon, $279,000.

Beechwood Rd., 4611-Robert C. and Jean W. Provine to Matthew Menke and Susan Gasper, $520,430.

Calvert Rd., 4606-Anita King Woll to Michele E. Taylor Bible, $321,500.

Edgewood Rd., 5019-TLC Homes Corp. to Yancy Diaz Mercado and Liz Del Hoyo, $333,000.

Goucher Dr., 5810-Daniel Irons to Karla S. Alfaro, $340,000.

Knox Rd., 4216-Siak Bahrami and Azar D. Dashti to Carmeran A. and Manucher Bahrami, $600,000.

Locust Spring Rd., 9107-Clarence B. and Vesna K. Ng to Marco A. Parades Vela, Fatima Gabriela Rodas Zelaya and Jose Alberto Tercero Cruz, $295,000.

Nevada St., 5719-Amy Demetry to George Eskandar, $340,000.

Ruatan St., 6117-Christopher J. Rasmussen to Shiv Kumar and Santosh Wadhwa, $345,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 5974, No. 201-Kristi Arsenault to Andrew Holliday, $115,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 3-403-2D Rentals Corp. to Juan Carlos, Monica and Alessandra Molina, $150,000.

Wichita Ave., 9746-Jacqueline P. and Jerry P. Garrett to Magaly Ivon Moreno and Richard Marcial Arias, $274,000.

52nd Pl., 9803-Edwin A. Chavarria to Lucas Tcheuko, $332,000.

Apothecary St., 3700-Amrilyn Palcide Lee to Joseph Eugene and Doretha Savoy, $242,500.

Boones Lane, 2616-Residential Value Corp. to Tyrone Beverly, $195,000.

Cricket Ave., 3722-Bank of New York Mellon to Roberto Huamantumba, $235,000.

Donnell Pl., 7260, No. D3-Kathy L. Lopez to Reginald Mason, $70,000.

East Ave., 2808-Belinda M. Thomas to Phelicia L. Kebreau Taylor, $227,000.

Forest Run Dr., 2805, No. 2-406-U.S. Bank to Doncarroll M. and Angela Green, $115,000.

Gould Dr., 1709-EPM Corp. to Jonathan Johnson, $340,000.

Lakehurst Ave., 2713-Tracy Hessing Gall to Kate A. Awkward, $200,000.

Marbury Dr., 2019-Carl W. and Betty J. Braswell Sumter to Jose Roberto Chicas Marquez and Kenny Oneyda Umana Pineda, $289,900.

Phelps Pl., 8103-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Youri V. Piterskii, $165,000.

Ritchboro Rd., 8758-Harry L. Seawright to Boris T. Longtio and Erine S. Gueppi, $239,900.

Tulip Ave., 1814-Lalissa N. Jackson McKinght to Cornelia Pope, $173,500.

Wintergreen Ave., 2503-David M. and Crystal T. Haskins to Pedro A. Dubon Orellana, $270,000.

Bonhill Dr., 502-Key to Key Investments Corp. to Selwyn Anderson Avelar and Jackelyn Veronica Avelar Heneghan, $372,000.

Buchanan Pl., 1303-Michael J. and Gigi E. Bartolomeo to Lisa Venson, $240,000.

Calvin Ct., 7010-Accurate Angle Investments Corp. to Mario A. Calderon Vasquez, $370,000.

Caryhurst Dr., 6204-Jasper R. and Karen Daniels to Mekdes M. Gebretensai and Khaled Ndiaye, $366,000.

Cleveland Lane, 13203-Nova Partners Corp. to Raul A. Reyes Sosa and Judith M. Nieves Carrasquillo, $329,500.

Dias Dr., 307-Jacqueline C. and Robert E. Gregg to Petronila M. Vera Quispe and Luis A. Chumpitaz Flores, $299,000.

Dimrill Ct., 6238-Cassandra Riddick and acreage of Angel R. Robinson to Julio R. Herrera Alvarez, $190,000.

Everhart Pl., 5776-Monica A. Lockett to William Matthew Torrence II and Zachary Alexander Harriott, $254,900.

Harbour Cir., 12316-Graham R. Granger and Ruby Kay Branson to Ugur and Munevver Ertem, $715,000.

Jefferson Rd., 1206-Valerie D. Coleman to Noemy and Vanessa N. Martinez, $315,000.

Kilbourne Dr., 4001-U.S. Bank and First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust to Jaime Bonilla, $230,000.

Lagrange Ct., 12609-Michael T. and Bettie J. Bolden to Genola Williams, $370,000.

Lumar Dr., 3407-Anh Construction Corp. to Miranda D. Gillis, $315,000.

Notley Rd., 19-R. Scott Knode and acreage of Barbara Betty Knode to Richelle D. Rodriguez and Marlon D. Rodriguez Amador, $306,000.

Prestwick Dr., 12607-Residential Value Corp. to Thanh Xuan H. and Prince H. Egyir, $375,000.

River Bend Rd., 317-NH Haven Residential Corp. to Jabbar B. Ford, $321,379.

Riverside Dr., 9102-Rina R. and Michael Hofmann to Rosemary Heiss, $375,000.

Rose Valley Dr., 2906-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Chien and Madison Vo, $183,500.

Sero Estates Dr., 800-Miriam M. Reyes Adkins to Terence E. Morris and Eric D. Hostler, $455,000.

Taylor Ave., 1507-DK Elite Enterprise Corp. to Josue E. Trujillo Castillo, $374,200.

Washington Lane, 1405-Jose A. and Ada I. Osorio to Tamyka Shawanda Morant, $250,000.

Dolby Ave., 9800-Ideal House Corp. to Kevin Thornton and Charles R. Johnson, $350,000.

Glenn Dale Rd., 6801-Richard and Pamela Rhodes to Raymond Bailey and Marcella Chacon, $315,000.

Lake Glen Dr., 7707-Kevin H. and Anna R. Lee to Kimberly Ann and Cameron Avery Williams, $519,000.

Springfield Rd., 8491-Gloria J. Bouis to Resom Hailemariam Mezgebo and Elsa Kassa Teferi, $355,000.

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Bird Lane, 8124-Eugene Waluschka to Agboola A. and Rantiola R. Ajayi, $230,000.

Frankfort Pl., 7410-Xiwu Zhan and Caixia Ding to Santosh and Kamala Phuyal Khatiwada, $318,000.

Greenbelt Rd., 8473, No. 202-Focal Point Properties to Marcia A. Cole, $149,000.

Greenbelt Rd., 8683, No. 101-Brenda King Wade and Terrance Edward King to Paula Sheppard, $65,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 6944, No. 301-Michael W. Freimuth and acreage of Charles Bartsch to Maria Gisela Bardossy and Jose Patricio Tillard, $117,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 7704, No. 31-Josephine D. Hinahon to Jose Gonzalez, $113,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 7814, No. 359-Valerie L. and Dwone D. Brown to Dawn K. Nichols, $30,500.

Lake Park Dr., 6610, No. 3B-Young Sam Park and Soyoung Hong to Langston Brown, $225,000.

Mathew St., 7001-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Cilicia Tibah Ubangoh, $410,000.

Stream Bank Lane, 5238-Mohamed B. and Fauzia Abdullah to Kellie Adesina, $410,000.

Farragut St., 4107-Paul G. Brohan and Bethany L. Porter to Mark L. Betancourt and Jaime K. Knepper, $600,000.

Ingraham St., 4023-Ilunga and Deona Kalala to Andrew Edward and Paige Stern, $645,000.

Lustine St., 5610-Marilyn L. Morgan to Kelly and Latica D. Johnson, $489,900.

Oglethorpe St., 4410, No. 218-Thomas A. Pavlinic and acreage of William M. Howard III to Victor and Teresa Uwajeh, $123,000.

42nd Ave., 5600-Mark Betancourt and Jaime K. Knepper to Joseph and Jessica Grimmer, $480,000.

44th Ave., 5616-Antonio Queverdo and Anthony Mejia to Carolyn M. and Mario Noya, $459,000.

46th Pl., 5724-Allen James to Michael Devon Mitchell II and Leah Ellen Hoffman, $458,000.

Dorsey Lane, 10056-NVR Inc. to Gerald S. Barnes, $334,950.

Echols Ave., 7920-Shawn B. Fitzpatrick and acreage of William G. Fitzpatrick to Juan Carols Martinez Lemus and Blanca C. Turcios, $291,700.

Everley Terr., 10215-Department of Veterans Affairs to Rosa G. Ulloa Rodriguez, $430,000.

Geaton Park Pl., 9415-DR Horton Inc. to Shamea L. Purnell, $325,000.

Huxley Dr., 9612-John T. and Rose Marie Gilliam to Shirelle A. Jordan and Elizabeth A. Gilchrist, $510,000.

Kinzer St., 9126-Nellie D. Washington to Mario C. Richards, $285,000.

Nightingale Ct., 7003-Sylvia S. and Terehann C. Tompkins to David M. and Alisha M. Watts Burr, $336,000.

Princess Garden Pkwy., 6139-Raymond Nwadiuko to Karen M. Rivero, $330,000.

Seabrook Rd., 6101-Susan W. Ryan to Ruben Navarro Mendez and Martha Navarro, $305,000.

Smita Pl., 5505-Prakash Sankurathri to Thomas Fonge and Maria N. Njunkeng, $450,000.

Terra Alta Dr., 6720-Barbara A. Miller and Asuntha M. Chiang to Wilfredo H. Ferrufino Benitez and Marta Ferrufino, $283,500.

Tyler St., 7913-Jerome D. Julius Jr. and acreage of Mary Jenkins Julius to Barbara Julius, $200,000.

Washington Blvd., 9414-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Fernando D. and Daniel F. Benavides, $265,000.

Woodberry St., 9315-Sean and Jeanette Copeland to Miguel Arselid Herrera Estrada and Ingrid Carolina Rafael De Herrera, $310,000.

Fourth St., 9213-KCE Inc. to Arturo Herrera and Edwin Herrera Lucero, $310,000.

91st Pl., 8902-Edora N. Mammah to Theodora A. Belu John, $300,000.

Asquith Ct., 3820-Schleurious L. and Elizabeth D. Gaiter to Alyssa L. Cochrane Grannum, $370,000.

Barberry Ct., 27-Belinda Coleman Larry and Hortencia J. Coleman to Alexis V. Barnes, $179,900.

Bleak Hill Pl., 804-Stephen V. and Janice N. Mayo to Phelicia B. Lee, $545,000.

Cambleton Dr., 12906-Stephanie R. Simpkins to Norita Garnett, $350,000.

Campus Way S., 10677-Federal National Mortgage Association to Rhonda Chappelle, $200,000.

Church Rd., 704-Suntrust Bank to Raymond E. Bell Jr., $699,900.

Dorchester Rd., 2405-Wells Fargo Bank to Fatima E. Arizmendi Carduno and Erick Waldemar Colindres, $225,000.

Edwards St., 3402-DNJH Corp. to Alita Brown, $315,000.

Fidgeway Lane, 305-Albert David Briggs Jr. and acreage of Catherine Briggs to Thomasine J. Mobley, $330,000.

Fox Bow Dr., 12900, No. 301-Nicole Ashby and acreage of Vera Agnes Swann to Evelyn Dalrymple McPherson, $235,000.

George Hilleary Terr., 2919-US Home Corp. and DBA Lennar Corp. to Farrington Bruce Wright and Tanika Shonta L. Strawder, $535,000.

Harry S. Truman Dr., 280, No. 30-U.S. Bank to Syed Kamran, $143,828.

Hobart St., 9406-Aaron J. and Kourtnie L. Perry Calhoun to Audrey M. Walker and Andrew K.S. Burell, $380,000.

Joyceton Dr., 10635-New Ventures Realty Inc. to Joseph A. and Mannela R. Adekola, $243,000.

Largo Rd., 603-John Andrew and Sondra Stigen Wallace to Michael A. Conley and Mark S. Krikstan, $950,000.

New Acadia Lane, 14000, No. 205-Winifred C. and John L. Sechrest to Delores A. Young, $210,000.

Open View Lane, 12314, No. 1008-Shengjun Liu to Prince Jones, $275,000.

Rebecca Ct., 1701-Peter B. and Chantal D. Virgile to Kamilia Sheena Epps, $294,900.

Royal Commerce Pl., 9948-Jacqueline E. Korassa to Lia N. Rohlehr, $300,000.

Stanwich Terr., 402-V. Mortgage Reo 2 Corp. and New Penn Financial Corp. to David E. Wilson, $569,900.

Symondsbury Way, 15506-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Charles Wilson, $552,000.

Treeland Way, 1001, No. 501-Elfleata and Theodore R. Deveaux to Khyrie D. Stevens, $206,000.

Wesbourne Dr., 9610-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Edwin R. and Carmen Y. Rodriguez, $395,990.

Barkham Ct., 14004-Jason W. Koch to Mumtaj A. and Saima S. Khan, $556,500.

Belle Chasse Blvd., 13901, No. 112-Robert E. Lesser and acreage of Carmelita Lesser to Carol D. Wisdom, $243,500.

Bowsprit Lane, 14313, No. 813-Nicholas and Janet S. Yakubik to Denise Brennen, $180,000.

Carriage Hill Dr., 7117-Kyle T. Weber to Alex and Carla Stone, $385,000.

Chapel Cove Ct., 14323-Patricia A. Daniels to Vu Hoai Voung, $239,000.

Compton Ave., 340-Walter G. Matamoros and Elba Y. Prudencio to Cheryl Saculles, $259,000.

Fitzpatrick Dr., 6915-Susan W. and John B. Miller to Adam W. Koziol, $393,000.

Haynes Rd., 15711-Rodriguez and Lewanna Bazemore to Marco Tulio Tamos Morales, $300,000.

Main St., 610, No. 514-Bridgette N. Hager to Maximo Javier and Sylvia Carbonell, $82,500.

Mayfair Dr., 14306-Capital Income and Growth Fund Corp. to Oneyda A. Chavez, $301,000.

Montgomery St., 505A-Kenneth D. Schlessinger to Courtney Hewitt, $244,000.

Park Hall Dr., 6641-James R. and Kathleen L. Murray to Maria Gladis Reyes and Pedro Pablo Reyes Alvarado, $438,000.

Scotch Dr., 7003-Agha H. and Ailia Zaidi to Robert M. Anderson, $289,900.

Vista Dr., 14044, No. 115-Glennon Investments Corp. to Jorge A. Vargas, $174,900.

Windham Rd., 6005-Merlyn M. and Gail A. Soukup to Laura C. Doherty and Anthony L. Small, $320,000.

10th St., 1028-TBS Property Corp. to Eric A. Roque Lopez and Vita J. Berganza, $330,000.

Bovelder Dr., 8912-Carl M. Stahle and Gail A. Cooper to James and Kenderlate Arthus Paen, $415,000.

Cedarbrook Lane, 12503-Harris D. and Marta Lagache Bailey to Christopher Maixner, $370,000.

Creekview Dr., 9355-Edward and Barbara Franklin to Christine M. Bogan and David Paul Phillips, $365,000.

Golden Oak Dr., 12904-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Chukwuenmeka Oha, $282,900.

Shadetree Lane, 12336-Paul A. and Connie B. Nielsen to Bernard R. and Carol A. Bindel, $423,000.

Bunker Hill Rd., 3507-Joshua S. and Shayna Bulluck to Robert B. Balow and Patty Wiley, $625,000.

Cooper Lane, 3617-JES International Corp. to Victoria A. and Mely R. Argueta, $315,000.

Fairwood Rd., 6908-Ffi Holdings Corp. to Maurice I. Barnes, $240,000.

Fontainebleau Dr., 7611, No. 2224-Ronald H. and Ann E. Dixton to Liaquat Khan, $71,000.

Garrison Rd., 7721-Fine Restorations Corp. to Mario E. Lopez Lopez Santamaria and Jennifer Yamilet Iglesias, $290,000.

Inlet St., 6509-Luis Velez Alvarez and Zasha N. Guzman Torres to Mario A. and German David Velasquez Reyes, $300,000.

Quentin St., 8107-Alpha M. Bah to Maria G. and Gerardo Acosta Lopez, $272,000.

Sprague Pl., 8306-Jose F. Chavez to Luis A. Chavez Quinteros, $315,000.

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72nd Ave., 3900-Federal National Mortgage Association to Katherine I. Porlles Valiente, $226,250.

76th Ct., 5409-Brian J. and Amanda A. Kovash to Maria Ulda Saravia and Jairo D. Moreno Moreno Saravia, $345,000.

Carson Ave., 727-Michael Brown Jr. and Acreage of Michael B. Brown Sr. to Jose O. and Juana Y. Martinez Sandoval, $235,000.

Clayton Dr., 1811-Alberta M. Bridges to Katharyn King, $279,400.

Fenwood Pl., 5702-5702 Luke Fenwood to Ronald Brantley, $261,000.

Halliard Lane, 507-IHMW Potomac Overlook VIII Corp. to Daniel M. Butturini and Carol Ann Malinowski, $692,490.

Lindsay Rd., 1012-Marisol and Mark A. Dela Cruz to Ayres L. and Gemma M. Dizon, $215,000.

Ottawa St., 5917-Janice Hunter Washington to Leslie Steptoe, $188,600.

Potomac Psge., 155, No. 533-Ingrid M. Turner to Cynthia Fuller Jones, $313,700.

Riverhaven Dr., 119-NH Haven Residntial Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Stephen C. and Jung J. Kim, $307,900.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 110-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Howard F. Page Jr., $269,900.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 311-NH Haven Residential Corp. to Stephanie B. Carroll, $413,900.

Saint Barnabas Rd., 5408-Ventures in Motion Corp. to Marlon Javier Reyes Lopez and Evelyn Zelaya, $305,000.

Snowflower Blvd., 4705-Latoya D. Graves to Asenath Joy Blacknell, $249,900.

Wealding Way, 4901-Residential Value Corp. to Daneka Bigelow, $225,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 539, No. 6738-Julia S. Townsend to Amanuel T. Zerea, $68,000.

Woodland Blvd., 5467-EPR Investment Corp. to Kenneel Cyrus, $300,000.

East-West Hwy., 4600-Jannie L. and Richard Lee Pelc to Jeremy Frago, $350,000.

Nicholson St., 4806-Eric Fuller and Erika Wilson to Sarah Y. Au and Jacob A. Goldberg, $327,000.

Quintana St., 5701-Jose Alberto Mejia to Robinson Rosa and Raquel Batista Pascual, $280,000.

Van Buren St., 4701-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Adam M. Jones and Xiaohong Zhang, $576,801.

Van Buren St., 4711-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Jeffrey Paul and Soo Young Kim Chrisfield, $639,351.

67th Ave., 5634-Kimberly E. Crosby to Edith L. Flores and Jose D. Mendez, $228,000.

Applegate Ct., 4150, No. 7-Wells Fargo Bank and the Master Asset Securities Trust to Udip Rayamajhi and Kabitha Kunwar, $180,000.

Clacton Ave., 5123, No. 71-Edith Inge and Gentil Leile De Andrade to Joann Brown, $181,000.

Davis Blvd., 6318-Abdol Amir Seraji and Alireza Changizi Maghrour to Bettie Jean Pasley, $319,900.

Juanita Ct., 6307-Prof 2013 S3 Legal Title Trust II and U.S. Bank to Jade Robb Cosby, $310,000.

Leah Ct., 5006-Crisanto Degante and Leonor Cano Amaya to Anthony Carrillo Filomeno, $380,000.

Silver Park Terr., 4124-Nichole Wright Smith to Juanita King, $225,000.

Wyngate Rd., 2316-Victor A. Brooks to Mark Cole, $145,000.

Abbott Dr., 5110-Ezra Gemeda to Jose C. Ventura and Florimel L. Alvarenga De Alvarenga, $310,000.

Anvil Lane, 2330-DHF Investments Corp. to Jessica Thompkins, $260,000.

Birchtree Lane, 4517-Joel M. and Serena N. Price to Joy Cordero Northington, $295,000.

Buck Creek Rd., 4111-Andrietta M. Sowell to Von K. and Tawana Elizabeth Mason Jones, $293,000.

Colebrooke Dr., 2706-Dorothy M. and Bernard T. Barnes to Robert J. Molina Guillen and Francesca I. Romero Yendi, $252,000.

Dallas Dr., 3210-Baltimore Home Wholesalers Corp. to Erika T. Poteat, $249,900.

Deer Park Dr., 4707-Unique and Modern Homes Corp. to Cornelius B. and Onita C. Hanlin, $310,000.

Fisher Rd., 5625-Roberto J. Chiarella to Latina Thomas, $262,000.

Iverson St., 2518-Alice and Roderick U. Greene to Agnes and Alvin D. Venson, $77,000.

Linda Lane, 5709-Jennifer L. and Brandon C. Fox to Jacqueline and Donald F. Conerly, $270,000.

Matthews Dr., 3900-Melissa Simmons and Michael M. Johnson to Alexandria Louise Kendra Murphy, $295,000.

Old Branch Ave., 6015-Apex Heap Corp. to Yve Rocha Gonzales and Campos Antonio Claros, $185,000.

Thuman Dr., 5009-Emcc Absolute Acreage Corp. to Sharon Lee Smith, $277,750.

Westchester Dr., 6901-Vincent and Shirley Benincasa to Guadalupe A. Sanchez Chavez and Wilmarie Rodriguez Pacheco, $350,000.

24th Pl., 4003-John Francis Ross III to Kamire Ford, $211,900.

America Blvd., 6506, No. 410-Nishant K. and Jenna L. Menon to Rodger L. and Anitra Hawkins, $250,000.

Commander Dr., 3909-Howard Dennis and Katherine F. Drew to James Albert and Kelly Cronenberg, $650,000.

Marsh Pt., 2417-NVR Inc. to Samer B. Korkor, $375,000.

Rittenhouse St., 2300-Trevor G. and Joyetta M. Fishley to Nancy Yarl, $307,000.

22nd Pl., 6621-Melissa E. Corahua and David Yanez to Jorge L. Chapas Garcia, $355,000.

Aquinas Ave., 7311-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ricardo Sanchez, $257,900.

Binghampton Pl., 8709-Cambridge Esttes Corp. and Abbas Ghassemi to Terry L. and Keidrianna D. Moore, $249,900.

Brookshire Ct., 3306-Erica P. and Anthony Smith to Angel Perez, $251,000.

Canyonview Dr., 4115-Shaun B. Padgett to Joe F. Bedney, $275,000.

Carroll Way, 6820-Ollier S. and Mia Hembrick to Maria Belen and Steven Gabriel Martin, $368,000.

Clearwater Ct., 10304-Vicente G. and Brenda L. Sarmiento to Patience Onyinyechi and Chigozi Nwosu, $435,000.

Colonel Gardiner Ct., 4516, No. 535-Stonetrust II Corp. to Modupe L. Talyese, $255,000.

Crestmar Ct., 13307-Steven F. and Jacqueline A. Scott to Emmanuel Yaw Dadzie and Nana A. Tiwaa, $675,000.

Eastland Cir., 10706-HWR Corp. to Toya S. Stith, $363,990.

Florin Way, 9005-Anika Wright Pace to Bryan A. Jackson, $190,000.

Gambier Dr., 7802-Terry L. and Susan G. McBride to Timothy Robert and Sherline Fanord Hampton, $305,000.

Great Gorge Way, 8605-Lisa M. Stidham to Kashmete Mims and Aubire Teneyck, $290,000.

King Henry Way, 5107, No. 304-Tonya Michelle Bell and Randy Burt to Kendra Miller, $211,150.

Lord Fairfax Pl., 13929-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Stacy Harper, $280,000.

Mattaponi Rd., 11300-Paul A. Ellicott and Diana Sue Thomas Pillow to Cheneeta Adams, $225,000.

Monarch Ct., 12622-Department of Veterans Affairs to Shadonna Brooks, $200,000.

Old Colony Dr., 12108-Jason Allen Kelly and Consuella Contessa to Eun Bong Suh and Kyong Sim Che, $309,000.

Old Mill Rd., 14503-Jerome Williams Jr. to Josiah Thomas Barrett, $265,000.

Penzance Pl., 4633-Keith A. and Angela D. Watkins to Gloria S. Ozazuwa, $260,000.

Salford Terr., 13093-Alexis Wise to Babatunji O. Ogundipe, $265,000.

Starting Gate Dr., 5105-Anita Grant Pollard to Gianni N. Uzuzanor, $375,000.

Tealbriar Dr., 9739, No. 251-SM Parkside Corp. to Cha Bria Carter, $294,890.

Wales Lane, 4005-Jeffrey R. and Marisol Burnett to Carey Lewis, $530,000.

Winding Waters Terr., 4236-Mab of Parkside Towns Corp. to Gary C. and Brittany Bonds, $433,880.

Archer Lane, 10507-Dennis and Stephanie Green to Kehinde and Ikeoluwa Adesuyi, $425,000.

Derby Ridge Rd., 14202-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Illyas and Afifa Zakariya, $535,500.

Enterprise Rd., 3811-Lucy M. Oliva to Thomas E. Skews, $410,000.

Festival Ct., 806-Norma J. McCowin to Wanda Taylor and Richard R. Thompson, $435,000.

Isaac Ducket Rd., 13006-Marcus Lorene and Jahanna Aleese Jones to Ingrid I. and Jennifer Adamson Burford, $690,000.

Kings Valley Dr., 1101-Maged and Eman Motaweh to Andre R. Deane, $335,000.

Parkside Dr., 1708-Bola A. and Oluremi S. Tinubu to Regina Hampton and Keith B. Coleman, $700,000.

Saint Francis Way, 11911-Wells Fargo Bank to Gloria E. Forbes and James Compton III, $375,000.

Tulip Tree Dr., 10321-Sharon P. Bostie to Akinola Johnson Adigun, $318,000.

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